How much does your Software Cost?

All of our prices are on our site - Click Here For Prices

Do you have a demo?

Yes - You can just click the Demo link on the top menu of our site or the link below. You can demo a Replicated Site, Members Area or Back Office, Administration Area and more.  Click Here For Demo

How long does it take to get set up?

In most cases we install the software the same day or next business day.

What version do I need?

The version you need is mostly dependent upon your marketing plan. The more complex your plan, the higher the version you will need.

The Echo Version Tracks 5 Levels Of Commissions and No Qualifiers
The Enterprise Version Tracks 15 Levels Of Commission and Many Qualifiers

Have more questions? Give us a call - 1-800-776-1901

What support do you offer?

We offer full support for our software including training videos, 30 days email support and Continuing
Email and Phone Support included in your chosen purchase or at an additional cost.

Do you offer web hosting?

We offer complete web hosting on our Professional High End Servers with Intel Xeon 3470 (Quad Core) processors, 8 GB DDR3 Memory, with cPanel control panel.  Unlike general web hosting companies that put 500 to 1500 sites on a server, our servers only have 20 to 25 active sites per server.

This insures that your replicated pages are served quickly to your viewers. Will will find that our hosting has all of the whistles and bells. Email, Web Mail, Spam Filters, Auto Responders, File Managers, FTP,  Backups, Logs, Stats, Secure Pages, MySQL Databases, over 60 scripts ready to install automatically and much more.

Are there any Per Member Charges?

There is never a charge for members in your organization. There are no hidden or ongoing charges with our software. If you are hosting with us, ther is a monthly hosting chaarge.

What Are The Hardware Requirements?

This is what is required to run our software. Server Must Be: Linux with a MySql database. The server must be able to run cgi scripts out side the cgi-bin and is best if it is a WHM - cPanel server. Our Control Panel runs on any Windows Based computer. Most of our clients have us host their site.

How long have you been in business?

We have been creating MLM software for over 34 years. What this means to you is we offer solid dependable software at an affordable price. We have helped thousands of companies with there MLM project and we can assist you also.

Can I use my current Web Pages with your software?

Sure you can. If your web site is html it is very simple and work best with our software. Other sites that are coded sites like Flash, Joomla and others require a simple iFrame or a simple script added to your pages. Contact us for full details on coded sites.

Is there a limit on the number of member your software can handle?

There is no limit on how many members you have and there is never a per member fee.

I am new to MLM. Can you help me with my Marketing Plan?

We would be happy to assist you in developing a solid plan for you new project.

Do you install the software?

Yes all software is installed for you the same day or next business day after your order. Then all you need to supply is your web pages or you can have us create them for you.

What is the most sucessful Marketing Plan?

We base this answer on our over 34 years of mlm software development. We see successful as companies that are still in business. Of all of our clients that have been in business for any length of time, are all uni-levels, bar none. All other types of plans flame out long before the uni-level. There are always the exception out there, but we recommend the uni-level. The final choice is yours.

How are commissions paid?

You can pay your commission most anyway you chose. You can pay by Check, PayPal, AlertPay, ACH or other electronic means.

Most of our clients use PayPal to pay commissions.

Can your software be use as a stand alone offline?

Yes we do offer stand alone solutions that can run on your Windows based PC.

I have other questions. What Should I do?

You can call us at  1-800-776-1901 or fill the form below and ask your question.